What is Spintax? A Simple Tutorial For Beginners


what is spintax

Spintax is a simple code or syntax used by software submitters to submit random alternating words, sentences, phrases or numbers.

For example if I wanted my classified ad submitter to alternate titles I would put my titles in this format: {title1| title2| title3}

Then each time I submitted an ad with my submitter it would submit a different random title.

I can also use spintax to alternate descriptions. For example I could alternate the following descriptions:

{Description1. This is my first description.| Description2 This is my second description.| Description 3. This is my third description.}

I could put that in the description field of my submitter and every time it submitted it would submit a different random description.

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Spintax Can Be Used to Spin Entire Articles Into 100’s Of Unique Versions Using Tools Such as SpinRewriter

Spintax is also used to spin portions of entire articles. I use a service called SpinRewriter to spin full articles from time to time. For example here is some sample text from one of my blog posts:

Learning how to make a landing page is not complicated. We have step by step instructions for you right here.

Using a landing page rather than a complicated website, no matter how well made, can be one of the most effective ways to advertise on initial contact.

Prospects are bombarded with competing advertising. Most people just click off a website never to return if you cannot focus your attention and take action.”

Here is the spun version after inputting the above text into Spin ReWriter:

{Learning| Knowing| Discovering| Understanding} {how| exactly how| just how} to make a {landing| touchdown} {page| web page} is not {complicated| made complex}. We have {step by step| detailed} {instructions| directions| guidelines} for you right here.

{Using| Utilizing| Making use of} a {landing| touchdown} {page| web page} {rather than| instead of| as opposed to} a {complicated| complex| challenging| difficult} {website| site| web site| internet site}, {no matter| regardless of| despite} {how| exactly how| just how} well made, can be {one of| among} {the most| one of the most} {effective| efficient| reliable} {ways| methods| means} to {advertise| promote| market} on {initial| preliminary| first} {contact| get in touch with| call}.

{Prospects| Potential customers| Leads} are {bombarded| pounded| pestered} with {competing| contending| completing} {advertising| marketing| advertising and marketing}. {Most people| Many people| The majority of people| Lots of people| Most individuals} {just| simply} click off a {website| site| web site| internet site} {never| never ever} to return if you can not {focus| concentrate} your {attention| interest| focus} {and| as well as| and also} {take action| act| do something about it}.

Spintax is used to randomly submit different verbs, adjectives and synonyms to create multiple completely unique versions of the same text.

Everything between the {} and separated by the pipe symbols | is content that will be randomly selected when the software submits.

Here is a screenshot of SpinReWriter with the non spun text:


Here is a screen shot of SpinRewriter after  we click the “Rewrite Article” button.


If you are interested in software that will take your one article and re-write it within a few seconds into 100’s of unique versions you can learn about SpinRewriter here.

Getspintax.net is a Free Service Which Will Turn Your List Into Spintax

Here is another spintax tool. This one is free. It will turn your list into spintax. It is called “Getspintax.net.”

For example, if you have the following list:

spintax the green

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It will transfer all the above to this format:

{spintax the green|spintax generator|spintax podcast|spintax tester|spintax checker|spintax the green podcast|spintax the green twitter|spintax format|spintax tool|spintax app|spintax artikel indonesia|spintax adalah|spintax articles|spintax article generator|spintax anchor text|spintax artikel|auto spintax|spintax birth control|spintax blackhat|spintax bahasa indonesia|best spintax|bio spintax|bulk spintax|spintax blog|spintax creator|spintax check|spintax comment list|spintax comments instagram|spintax comments|sprintax code|spintax converter|spintax download|spintax definition|deutsche syntax|spintax tool download|how does spintax work|spintax generator deutsch|text spintax download|spintax editor|spintax enabled|spintax example|spintax excel|spintax email|spintax español|emoji spintax|escape syntax|spintax format generator|spintax free|spintax facebook|spintax function|spintax for wordpress|snaptax for android|spintax francais|spintax generic comments|spintax generator indonesia|get spintax|generate spintax online|github spintax|syntax meaning in hindi|spintax instagram|spintax indonesia|spintax image|spintax in php|spintax in python|spintax in wordpress|spintax indonesia terbaik|install spintax|i am spintax|spintax jarvee|spintax javascript|spintax js|sprintax j1|java spintax|jasa spintax|jquery spintax|spintax writing jobs|keyword spintax|sprintax login|spintax là gì|spintex pvt ltd|spintax meaning|spintax maker|pentax macro|make spintax|mailwizz spintax|manual spintax|mel-spintax|spintax name|spintax node|nested spintax|nested spintax tool|notepad++ spintax|spintax vb.net|spintax online|spintax output|spintax o que é|online spintax generator|online spintax spinner|online spintax tool|opensource spintax|check spintax online|spintax python|spintax php|spintax php script|spintax preview|spintax plugin|spintax program|pentax processor|spintax que es|spintax reader|spintax results|sprintax reviews|spintax ruby|spintex road|random spintax|sprintax tax return|ruby syntax algorithm|spintax support|spintax spinner|spintax syntax|spintax software|spintax spinning format|spintax spinning|spintax sample|spintax system|spintax the green song|spintax twitter|sprintax tax|spintax uniqueness checker|using sprintax|crear un spintax|unique syntax|spintax variations|spintax validator|pentax viewer|spintax the green voice|spintax wordpress plugin|spintax writer|spintax wp|wordpress spintax|spintax windows|spintax wordpress|spintax zennoposter|spintax 200 tablet}

Be careful about spinning massive amounts of articles using spintax tools.

If Google sees that your content is thin your website might actually lose rankings. I use spintax mainly for titles and descriptions to give a little variety to my video and classified ad submissions. I never use spintax on my blog or my main websites.

I Never Use Spintax for My Sales Copy or Blog Posts. Your Need to Stick With Carefully Hand Writing This Type of Content. Spinners Have Not Yet Replaced Quality Original Content.

Here is an article on how to come up with hundreds of unique, compelling titles in minutes.

We would love to hear about your favorite Spintax tools. Please let us know in the comments area.

Much Success,


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