How to Make a Logo Design: 5 Basic Branding Tips to Consider

You brand and logo design are the visual gateway into what your business does, how it relates with your audience, and the lasting impression they might remember about your brand identity.

With all of this at play, it’s important to make sure that you not only have a quality logo for your site, brand or business — but also one that relates with your audience and portrays a positive message in the process.

If you are still in the beginning phases of designing your own logo or think you might want to update it with a new one, there are a number of important factors to keep in mind. To help you out, here are the five most important things to consider when making your own logo design.

1) Your Logo Conveys Messages About Your Brand

A logo is much more than a piece of art meant to represent your company – it’s also an opportunity for you to convey key messages about your brand to your audience. Before you begin creating your logo design, you’ll first want to determine the most important messages you want your logo to communicate. Once you’ve highlighted these messages, the next challenge is to create a logo design that communicates these messages in an effective and clever way.

Take a look at any of the images in the LogoMyWay portfolio and you will quickly see a trend amongst the top designs on their site. Not only are they all professional and high in quality, they also represent the look and feel of the brands. Some of the best logo designs in the world don’t even need words attached to them, and people just know what they are.

2) Professionalism is Paramount

Like it or not, customers tend to make very swift judgements about a company when deciding whether or not they want to part with their hard-earned money. With that said, if your company is represented by a logo that looks as if it was designed by a middle-schooler using Microsoft Paint then you are probably going to have a hard time convincing your audience that your company is a professional and reliable company that is worthy of their business.

If you aren’t confident that you can create a logo design that will portray your brand in the best possible light then it’s better for you to hire a professional designer to help rather than trying to create a design on your own. While our online logo designer makes it easy for almost anyone to create an original and professional-looking design, it is still essential for you to keep the importance of professionalism in mind when creating your own logo design.

3) Simplicity is Often Best

Unless you are graphic design specialist, creating a complex and highly-artistic logo may be a challenge. The good news, though, is that many of the best logos are often quite simple in their design. Ultimately, a clean and professional-looking logo that is designed to communicate an important message about your brand will be much more effective than an over-the-top and unnecessarily-complex design. As with many things, keeping it simple is often the best bet when designing your own logo.

Way too many brands and businesses are focused on trying to create a logo design or brand that is just way to complicating. Take a look at the cleanliness and professionalism that is given from the VeraClinic logo above. You can click here to visit their site and see how well the colors and simple text-design logo compliments their site, while also proving a classic look and feel that relates with their audience and clients as well.

4) Consider the Four Pillars of a Logo Design

If you are designing your own logo, there are four different design elements that you will want to keep in mind:

  1. color scheme
  2. images
  3. text
  4. and font

The text you include may be as simple as your company name, or you may choose to include a tag-line in addition to your company name. Both the color scheme and font that you choose for your logo, meanwhile, will communicate important messages about the culture and mission of your company.

Lastly, the images you choose to use in your logo design will make up the bulk of the design and should likewise be meant to portray various attributes of your brand. Put all of these elements together into a creative and well-thought-out design and you will have a logo that will serve your brand well.

5) Your Logo Needs to be Scalable

When you first design your logo using any of the top online logo makers, it will appear as a piece of clip art – and this is likely how your logo is going to appear in many other applications as well. However, there are also a number of other ways you may wish to use your logo in the future that require you to scale it up from its original size.

For example, you may want to put your logo on a sign outside your building, use it on a billboard advertisement, use it on your product’s label, and more. Unfortunately, designs that look great as clip art don’t always look as good when they are scaled up to a much larger size.

When creating your own logo design, therefore, it’s essential to keep in mind the many ways you might end up using your logo and develop a design that is versatile and scalable.


No matter if you are just starting out with your brand identity or have been around for over a decade, the process of creating a logo for your brand is one of the most important things you will do. It’s definitely not something that should be rushed or handed off to a freelancer to complete for just a few dollars.

With that said, though, there are still a number of considerations to be aware of if you want the logo that you create to serve your brand in the best way possible. By following the advice outlined above and taking advantage of our incredibly easy to use online logo maker, you should be well on your way to creating an effective and eye-catching logo design.

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