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Pop Under Traffic

I am constantly racking my brains to think of new ways to get more eyeballs to my customer’s websites at Classifiedsubmissions.com. I know that is what they want. It is a challenge to deliver and still keep the prices reasonable.

I have developed a network of high traffic classified ad sites you can see a list here.  These sites get thousands of views each month. I decided to rotate my customer’s ads throughout the sites as popunder traffic advertising.

Whenever anybody clicks on the link to post a free ad on any of the 35 sites one of my customer’s full website will pop under the website. The advantage of the popunder traffic advertising is that it does not disturb the user’s experience. He still gets to post his free ad. However, in a window behind the window where he is working on there is one of my customer’s full page website.

We choose to pop under the websites on click because pop under traffic advertising that pop under on website load are actually now blocked by most browsers. Also people who click  link are a higher quality viewer because they are interacting with intention on the website.

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The user will not be able to miss it. So my customer will get real eyeballs to their site and at the same time the user still gets to post his ads uninterrupted.

Now this popunder traffic advertising are in rotation with other customers. However, the classified ad sites have so many people posting ads that our customers are getting real views to their ads every single day 365 days per year.

These are very high quality views since everybody posting ads will see the full page popunder traffic advertising. You could easily pay $1. per view or more for this type of traffic with major networks like Google Adwords, Facebook and YouTube.

This popunder traffic advertising is in addition to all the other services we provide for our customers at Classifiedsubmissions.com.

We are also adding customers from Realppvtraffic.com in rotation as popunder traffic advertising on all our classified advertising sites.

This is especially targeted advertising for those selling advertising tools and services. Everybody who sees these pop under ads are looking to promote their business. If you have additional tools and services that can help with this you have found your targeted audience for dirt cheap!

In order to take advantage of this popunder traffic advertising you need to register for one of our packages at Classifiedsubmissions.com or Realppvtraffic.com

We will then automatically include your website in rotation as a popunder on all our classified ad sites.

The best type of sites to use for this popunder traffic advertising are landing pages. They should be designed to be all above the fold with a clear call to action. Rather than trying to tell your prospect everything about your company get their email in your autoresponder and follow up with them. You only have a few seconds to capture your prospect’s attention. 

Here is a video showing you the best way to promote your business with Classified Advertising and any type of popunder traffic advertising.

Here is a video showing you how to set up beautiful landing pages very economically.

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