6 Lessons You Need To Learn Before Writing Your Next Follow-Up Email

6 Lesson Follow Up Email Has this ever occurred to you?

You met an excellent individual at a networking event and you had a fantastic conversation. You send out a follow-up email and get no response.

This utilized to occur to me all the time till a really wise person pointed out what I was doing incorrect.

I made the whole follow-up e-mail about how the other individual might assist ME!

I was reminded by my old ways when a reader sent me a follow-up e-mail and asked why he didn’t get a reaction.

I’m going to break down where he failed (he offered me consent) and reveal you how to compose an ideal follow-up e-mail.

Ben’s Follow-Up Email

” I have a question about the post-networking

I have actually composed an email to thank somebody, but sadly I didn’t get a reply. I believed we had a nice chat during the networking as both of us worked for the very same business previously. What should I finish with it?

This is the email I wrote to her:

Dear Amy,

I delighted in conference you at last week’s networking session and talking with you about your business. Most of all, it was remarkable to learn both of us used to work for Acme Company.

Because our discussion, I visited your website. I am very impressed by the work your business is doing and I would take pleasure in talking with you about it even more.

Here are some questions I wish to ask,

  • When would be the appropriate time duration for me to request the 2014 summer season internship? The number of rounds of interview will be and what type of interview will they be?
  • This may be a personal concern, but I would like to learn if possible. What inspired you to join XYZ Accounting Company from Acme Business? What was the main difference/main challenge for you when you newly signed up with CVCI?

I would benefit enormously from your gold mine of experience and I am really much anticipating talking with you again.



Initially glance you might think Ben’s email is good:

  • He advises her what they share
  • He went to the site before sending the e-mail
  • He even asks about her career

But if you put yourself in Amy’s shoes you’ll discover several mistakes that lead to her neglecting the e-mail.

Lesson One: Customization is Essential

Dear Amy,

I delighted in meeting you at last week’s networking session and talking with you about your company.

  • Always include the name of the networking event where you satisfied (people go to great deals of events).
  • Consist of the name of the business where the individual works.

When composing a networking follow-up email, you don’t desire the individual to believe you sent the exact same e-mail to everyone. Take the extra time to consist of where you satisfied and the company name.

Lesson Two: Find Ways You Can Increase Credibility

Most of all, it was amazing to find out both of us used to work for Acme Company.

  • This is a fantastic line. You establish something you have in common, however you can take it an action further. Ask her if she understands a certain individual at the company.

Understanding somebody at the business increases your reliability. You might also, inspect to see if you have any typical connections on LinkedIn.

Lesson Three: Make Your Call To Action Clear

Considering that our discussion, I visited your website. I am really impressed by the work your company is doing and I would delight in talking with you about it further.

  • Let her know what amazed you and why. It will reveal that you in fact checked out the site. Anyone can state, “I’m very impressed by the work your company has actually done.”
  • Do not be vague with your ask! When would you like to talk? Next week? Next month? Over coffee? On the phone?

Don’t create work for the other individual! Recommend how you would like to communicate (Skype, email, coffee) and when.

Lesson Four: Be Client and Don’t Request Something Immediately

Here are some concerns I wish to ask,

Never Try To Close On The First Transaction When would be the ideal time period for me to look for the 2014 summer season internship? How many rounds of interview will be and what kind of interview will be?

  • You just met the person and your asking about a prospective job. You could probably discover the answer to this on the company’s website. Don’t ask concerns that you can easily find the responses to.
  • Second of all, you make it appear like you’re not interested in the internship if the process is long. Does it truly matter how numerous rounds of interviews there are if you really want to work for the company?

Save any question about possible task opportunities for when you meet face to face. As Gary Vaynerchuk would say, “Don’t pull the 19- year-old-dude proceed social networks. You ought to never attempt to close on the very first transaction.”

Lesson 5: Keep The Questions Simple And To A Minimum

— This might be a personal concern however I wish to discover out if possible. What determined you to sign up with XYZ Accounting from Acme Business? What was the main difference/main obstacle for you when you newly signed up with XYZ Accounting?

  • The question seems safe, however why somebody leaves a company can be very personal (bad boss, they were laid off, etc.).
  • Do not concentrate on difficulties people deal with in their profession, specifically if you don’t know them that well.

You don’t wish to ask a question that might make the other individual uncomfortable and have to concentrate on their challenges. Keep the concerns to a minimum. You can ask more concerns when you meet in individual.

Lesson Six: Deal Value. It’s Not About YOU!

I would benefit significantly from your gold mine of experience and I am quite anticipating chatting with you again.

  • Stating that you would “benefit significantly” makes it sounds like you’re just utilizing them. The e-mail should focus on the other person be everything about them and not how they can help you.

Concentrate On how the other person will benefit from conference you. Not how you will benefit.

Let’s wrap-up the lessons genuine fast:

6 Lessons for a Follow Up Email

If Ben Sent The Email Below, He Would Have Received a Reaction

” Dear Amy,

It was an enjoyment conference you at the Accounting Mixer last Wednesday. I really delighted in talking with you about all the great work you are presently doing at XYZ Accounting. It’s really amusing that we both operated at Acme Business. Do you occur to understand Joe Jackson? He’s an actually terrific guy and taught me a load about accounting.

I checked out XYZ Accounting’s site and the innovative work you provided for ABC Corp was fantastic. It would be excellent to hear how you got into the accounting market and the role you presently dip into the business. Would you be up for conference for coffee? There is a great coffeehouse right by your office. Would you be able to break away for 15-20 minutes this Thursday at 2: 00 PM? If not, I can make myself readily available anytime on Friday.

Best regards,


P.S. If you don’t understand Joe, I would more than happy to introduce you to him.”

Here’s How Each Lesson Is Incorporated Into The Follow-Up Email

  • Customization is Necessary: You advise them where you satisfied and consist of the business name where Amy works.
  • Discover Ways to Increase Trustworthiness: You remind them that you operated at the same company and point out another individual who works at the business.
  • Make Your Call To Action Clear: You ask to meet for coffee and provide her 2 possible days to pick from.
  • Be Client and Do Not Ask For Something Right Away: Instead of asking her about an internship, you ask her about her profession. People love speaking about themselves!
  • Keep The Questions Easy And To A Minimum: The only question you ask is if she will satisfy you for coffee.
  • Offer Worth. It’s Not About YOU!: You provide to present her to Joe.

Once you go out for coffee and start talking about her career, then you can ask about the internship, if it makes good sense.

You can say, “I saw your company has a summer season internship program. Do you have any recommendations on how I can increase my possibilities of being selected? I ‘d love to gain from a few of the finest and brightest in the market”

After you meet, make certain you send a FANTASTIC thank you keep in mind

An inadequately built follow-up email can destroy your chances of getting in touch with an individual you met at an event. Include these lessons in your follow-up e-mails and you’ll get an action!

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