7 Examples of How Industrial Companies Create Engaging Blog Site Material

Material marketing is more crucial than ever in the past. Brands in every sector recognize that producing exceptional content is the essential to winning over clients. In 2019, their content marketing methods still depend upon the quality of their blogs. One survey showed that 53% of marketers felt that blogging was the most essential form of content marketing

If you are intending on revamping your own blogging method, it is a great idea to gain from business with a great track record. We chose to produce a case research study on some of the finest blogs in numerous markets, so you can utilize them as inspiration for your own site. Here are seven excellent examples to follow.


Coca-Cola has actually controlled its industry for over 130 years. The company’s success isn’t associated so much to its product development, regarding its ingenious approach to marketing.

Coca-Cola has always progressed with innovation to take advantage of its marketing method. It began the Coca-Cola Conversations blog site to engage with its customers in a distinct way.

The blog mostly concentrates on speaking about Coca-Cola collectibles. They ensure that every blog post is short and to the point. While longform material works in some markets that require to inform their target consumers, Coca-Cola acknowledges that its clients do not desire to read long walls of text when taking a look at old Coca-Cola products. They have actually made their blog more engaging by keeping the posts more concise. This strategy has settled for them, because they have actually currently earned well over a million visitors. The blog site has been growing gradually given that, which is particularly impressive thinking about Coca-Cola had among the biggest brand names on the planet prior to this campaign began.


Grammarly is a company that publishes software to assist people improve the quality of the writing. They serve a variety of different kinds of customers, including university student, law clerks and copywriters.

Grammarly handles a blog site that provides basic composing pointers. This assists the business into methods:

  • The blog helps Grammarly brand itself as an authority in its market (after all, who would wish to purchase a grammar checker from a business that didn’t understand the mechanics of the English language?)
  • They use the blog site to create more direct exposure for their brand name
  • By helping customers develop fundamental composing skills, Grammarly has the ability to assist them get the most out of the product

Grammarly covers a large number of topics on its blog. It helps customers with a range of obstacles that they confront with writing.

WayKen Rapid Manufacturing

WayKen Rapid Manufacturing is a company that uses prototype production services from China. They have a fantastic blog that discusses incredible innovation breakthroughs in their industry.

Sweet Leaf Tea

Sweet Leaf Tea is a lower known business, but it has actually plainly mastered the art and science of blogging. Unlike a lot of brands in numerous industries, Sweet Leaf Tea recognizes that the effectiveness of a blog is not limited to the quality of its short articles alone. They have produced a holistic blog style that plainly conveys the company’s core branding message.

Sweet Leaf Tea utilizes older font styles. It also has a color pattern and images that assist communicate an earthy message. They do a good task cultivating the warm, nurturing feelings that they want consumers to experience.

Nuts About Southwest

The airline company industry is not particularly well liked by many clients these days. Southwest seems to comprehend that, so they have actually developed a blog that assists alter customer perception.

The Nuts About Southwest blog site talks about client experiences with both Southwest and the airline industry as a whole. They have done an excellent task getting customers to engage with them through social networks. The blog site has a social feed that any client can respond through. The Southwest blog site is optimized to share material through social networks, so clients can get the word out about new developments at Southwest and events impacting the airline company industry.


Intercom is a messaging software publisher that offers a range of various kinds of items for various customers. Intercom acknowledges that each classification of customer has distinct needs. Therefore, it creates post around different classifications of customers.

What lessons can we find out from these effective blog sites?

These examples reveal that brand names in a range of industries can get a lot of traction through blogging. Producing blog site material is a great way to expand reach and place a business’s brand image in a positive method. Here are some lessons that we can choose up from these companies.

The length of your material must be based on client expectations

If you check out blogging guides, they often propose a lot of stiff rules of thumb when recommending the length of an article. Since the Google Panda upgrade, they tend to recommend composing longer articles (preferably over 1000 words). These articles typically are based off of those blog writers’ own experiences, which might not be universally suitable. The issue is that these bloggers frequently fail to think about that consumers of different companies have their own expectations when checking out blog material.

The blogs noted here all do an excellent task comprehending the expectations of their customers. Coca-Cola composes much shorter article, since they understand that individuals do not want to check out a couple of thousand words of material when they wish to find out about an easy, fun topic like Coca-Cola collectibles. Meanwhile, other business like Grammarly and Intercom compose longer posts, since they need to inform their consumers about complex subjects.

Make the design of your blog site match your branding message

There is another commonness in between the blog sites we covered here. They all have optimized the user experience around their core branding messages. These companies realize that consumer understanding is determined by more than the material of their posts. The color plans, font designs and header images are likewise extremely important.

Have a clear objective in mind

Among the most significant mistakes that brands make his composing content without a clear instructions. You need to establish a list of goals initially. Every blog post requires to be composed with these objectives in mind and you need to make certain that it advances them in some way. Southwest has made certain that its article improve the understanding of the airline market. Grammarly wants to educate clients about writing much better and make certain that they have the needed structure to make the most of their item.

Ensure that your material warms readers up for future calls-to-action

You do not wish to take an advertisement hoc approach to composing material. A lot of content marketing. They believe that as long as they get readers onto their site, they will have the ability to presence for their brand. They believe that is all they need to do to get a future sale.

Sadly, it is seldom this easy. Your visitors are going to examine the totality of your brand when choosing whether or not to make a future purchase. Irregular messages are not going to strengthen your brand image in their mind. Poor quality content is going to make your brand less attractive too.

Whenever you are creating new material for your website, you require to consider brand name positioning with the goal of future conversions in mind. This implies that you require to think about future calls-to-action while generating any new content.

You need to make sure that your material sets the phase for future landing pages, so readers understand what to expect. Here are some things that you will wish to bear in mind:

  • The basic layout of your content should not be too various from your other landing pages. You might need to cut the length of the content a bit, however you are going to wish to otherwise make the discussion as similar as possible.
  • You need to think about the types of CTAs that you will have on your sales pages. Are you going to utilize buttons with a specific color? Then you may desire to utilize comparable colors in other images on your blog posts. That is going to assist readers get utilized to those colors. When they make the shift to your landing page, they will be more comfortable communicating with them.
  • Your other material must strengthen the crucial points on your landing pages. If you are highlighting the significance of affordability and ease of access on your sales pages, then you desire to discuss them in detail on other pages too.

There are a lot of other elements that you may require to consider, however hopefully this gives you a good concept of what you require to bear in mind. Prior to you start creating any brand-new content, you must ask yourself how it will support the rest of your method.

Do not hesitate to change course if your material isn’t resonating with your readers

Consistency is one of the most important aspects of any material marketing technique. However, it doesn’t make good sense to be constant about following a template that isn’t working.

There is a lot of testing included in any online marketing strategy. You will probably begin with some preconceptions about the types of messages and material that will appeal to your readers. Nevertheless, your data is most likely going to reveal that a lot of your presumptions missed out on the mark.

Your material marketing strategy is going to be a work in progress at the start. You will require to pay attention to your analytics to see what content your readers are most thinking about. Do not be scared to stop composing material that they aren’t engaging with. Otherwise, you will simply be losing your money and time.

Go after a broad range of keywords

You can find out a lot from major blogs like these by looking at their general layout, however you can see a lot more when you look under the hood. Have a look at the keywords that these blog sites are ranking for.

You will see that Grammarly, Sweet Leaf and Coca-Cola are all getting traffic from a lot of various keywords. They have actually taken a very broad material marketing strategy, rather than focusing a few choose keywords.

There are a number of benefits to this technique:

  • You can attract a great deal of traffic from less competitive keywords. This is specifically crucial for new blogs, because they do not have a high domain authority yet. However, it is also beneficial for large blogs too. They can receive a lot of traffic from random, long-tail keywords that they may not otherwise have actually thought to concentrate on.
  • You may discover that some of the less apparent keywords in fact transform better. By targeting a wide variety of keywords, you can find a variety of surprise gems.
  • Targeting a wider series of keywords can help you broaden the demographics that you wish to target.

You may be amazed by just how much traction your blog will get by focusing on a big number of keywords.

Use a strong internal linking method

All of the blog sites that we examined here have done a fantastic job with their internal connecting technique. They typically have at least a number of links on each page. This is a great way to enhance SEO. However, it also enhances navigation and assists readers discover the material they are looking for.

Don’t underestimate the value of a great logo design

Creating excellent material is essential, but it is not enough by itself. Every blog site requires a terrific logo. Some companies have invested countless dollars on their logo designs, so you do not want to overlook it.

The blogs we examined all have exceptional logos and they are plainly included. You wish to keep this in mind. You can constantly reuse the logo in other places, such as with branded water bottles

Usage These Blogs as Your Guide!

It is a lot simpler to create an effective blog if you follow design templates from others that have been successful. The blogs on this list have ended up being really successful, due to the fact that they have an excellent layout and a well-thought out material marketing strategy. You should keep this in mind while developing your own blog site.

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