7 Examples of How Commercial Organisations Develop Engaging Blog Content

Content marketing is more vital than ever previously. Brands in every sector acknowledge that producing excellent content is the essential to winning over customers. In 2019, their material marketing techniques still depend upon the quality of their blogs. One study revealed that 53% of marketers felt that blogging was the most important type of content marketing

If you are planning on revamping your own blogging technique, it is a great idea to find out from companies with a terrific performance history. We chose to develop a case study on some of the best blog sites in various industries, so you can use them as motivation for your own site. Here are seven terrific examples to follow.


Coca-Cola has controlled its market for over 130 years. The company’s success isn’t associated so much to its item development, as to its ingenious technique to marketing.

Coca-Cola has actually always developed with technology to take advantage of its marketing technique. It started the Coca-Cola Conversations blog to engage with its customers in an unique way.

The blog site mostly concentrates on discussing Coca-Cola antiques. They make sure that every blog post is brief and to the point. While longform content operates in some industries that need to educate their target clients, Coca-Cola recognizes that its clients don’t wish to check out long walls of text when taking a look at old Coca-Cola products. They have actually made their blog more interesting by keeping the posts more concise. This strategy has settled for them, due to the fact that they have currently made well over a million visitors. The blog site has been growing gradually considering that, which is especially impressive thinking about Coca-Cola had among the biggest brand names worldwide before this project began.


Grammarly is a business that publishes software application items to help individuals improve the quality of the writing. They serve a number of different types of clients, including college trainees, law clerks and copywriters.

Grammarly handles a blog that supplies basic composing tips. This helps the company into methods:

  • The blog site helps Grammarly brand itself as an authority in its market (after all, who would wish to purchase a grammar checker from a business that didn’t comprehend the mechanics of the English language?)
  • They utilize the blog to produce more exposure for their brand name
  • By assisting clients establish standard writing skills, Grammarly has the ability to assist them get the most out of the item

Grammarly covers a large number of topics on its blog site. It helps clients with a range of challenges that they face with composing.

WayKen Rapid Manufacturing

WayKen Rapid Manufacturing is a company that uses prototype manufacturing services from China. They have a great blog site that discusses incredible development advancements in their market.

Sweet Leaf Tea

Sweet Leaf Tea is a lesser recognized company, but it has plainly mastered the art and science of blogging. Unlike many brand names in various industries, Sugary food Leaf Tea recognizes that the efficiency of a blog is not limited to the quality of its short articles alone. They have produced a holistic blog design that clearly conveys the company’s core branding message.

Sweet Leaf Tea uses older typefaces. It also has a color pattern and photos that help convey an earthy message. They do a great job cultivating the warm, nurturing feelings that they desire customers to experience.

Nuts About Southwest

The airline industry is not particularly well liked by numerous clients nowadays. Southwest seems to comprehend that, so they have actually produced a blog site that helps change client understanding.

The Nuts About Southwest blog site discusses consumer experiences with both Southwest and the airline market as a whole. They have actually done an excellent job getting consumers to engage with them through social media. The blog site has a social feed that any client can respond through. The Southwest blog is enhanced to share content through social networks, so consumers can get the word out about new advancements at Southwest and occasions affecting the airline industry.


Intercom is a messaging software application publisher that supplies a variety of different types of items for different consumers. Intercom acknowledges that each category of client has unique requirements. Therefore, it develops blog site posts around different classifications of customers.

What lessons can we find out from these effective blog sites?

These examples show that brands in a variety of industries can get a lot of traction through blogging. Creating blog material is a terrific way to expand reach and position a company’s brand name image in a favorable method. Here are some lessons that we can pick up from these companies.

The length of your content ought to be based on consumer expectations

If you check out blogging guides, they often propose a great deal of rigid general rules when advising the length of an article. Given That the Google Panda upgrade, they tend to suggest writing longer posts (preferably over 1000 words). These posts typically are based off of those blog writers’ own experiences, which might not be universally suitable. The problem is that these blog writers frequently stop working to think about that clients of different companies have their own expectations when reading blog content.

The blogs listed here all do a great job comprehending the expectations of their customers. Coca-Cola writes much shorter blog posts, because they recognize that individuals do not wish to read a couple of thousand words of content when they wish to learn more about an easy, fun subject like Coca-Cola antiques. Meanwhile, other companies like Grammarly and Intercom write longer posts, due to the fact that they need to inform their consumers about complex subjects.

Make the layout of your blog site match your branding message

There is another commonality between the blogs we covered here. They all have actually optimized the user experience around their core branding messages. These companies realize that client understanding is figured out by more than the material of their posts. The color design, font styles and header images are also really crucial.

Have a clear goal in mind

Among the most significant mistakes that brands make his writing material without a clear instructions. You need to develop a list of goals first. Every blog site post requires to be composed with these objectives in mind and you require to ensure that it advances them in some way. Southwest has made certain that its blog site posts enhance the perception of the airline company market. Grammarly desires to educate clients about composing better and make certain that they have the needed structure to maximize their item.

Ensure that your content warms readers up for future calls-to-action

You don’t want to take an advertisement hoc method to composing material. Too lots of material marketing. They believe that as long as they get readers onto their website, they will be able to exposure for their brand. They believe that is all they require to do to get a future sale.

Regrettably, it is seldom this easy. Your visitors are going to assess the whole of your brand name when choosing whether or not to make a future purchase. Inconsistent messages are not going to solidify your brand name image in their mind. Poor quality material is going to make your brand less appealing as well.

Whenever you are producing new content for your site, you require to think of brand positioning with the objective of future conversions in mind. This indicates that you need to consider future calls-to-action while generating any new content.

You require to make sure that your content sets the phase for future landing pages, so readers know what to anticipate. Here are some things that you will wish to keep in mind:

  • The general design of your material should not be too different from your other landing pages. You may need to cut the length of the content a bit, but you are going to wish to otherwise make the presentation as comparable as possible.
  • You need to think of the types of CTAs that you will have on your sales pages. Are you going to utilize buttons with a specific color? Then you may want to utilize similar colors in other images on your blog posts. That is going to help readers get utilized to those colors. When they make the shift to your landing page, they will be more comfortable engaging with them.
  • Your other material should strengthen the key points on your landing pages. If you are emphasizing the value of cost and availability on your sales pages, then you desire to discuss them in detail on other pages too.

There are a great deal of other aspects that you may need to consider, but hopefully this provides you a good idea of what you require to bear in mind. Before you start creating any new content, you ought to ask yourself how it will support the rest of your technique.

Do not hesitate to change course if your content isn’t resonating with your readers

Consistency is among the most important aspects of any material marketing strategy. Nevertheless, it doesn’t make sense to be constant about following a template that isn’t working.

There is a great deal of screening associated with any online marketing method. You will most likely start with some prejudgments about the kinds of messages and material that will attract your readers. However, your data is probably going to reveal that a lot of your presumptions fizzled.

Your material marketing technique is going to be an operate in development at the start. You will need to pay very close attention to your analytics to see what content your readers are most thinking about. Don’t hesitate to stop writing material that they aren’t engaging with. Otherwise, you will simply be squandering your money and time.

Pursue a broad range of keywords

You can learn a lot from significant blogs like these by taking a look at their basic layout, however you can see a lot more when you look under the hood. Have a look at the keywords that these blogs are ranking for.

You will see that Grammarly, Sweet Leaf and Coca-Cola are all getting traffic from a great deal of various keywords. They have taken a very broad content marketing method, rather than focusing a few select keywords.

There are a number of benefits to this method:

  • You can bring in a lot of traffic from less competitive keywords. This is particularly important for new blog sites, since they don’t have a high domain authority yet. However, it is likewise useful for large blogs too. They can receive a lot of traffic from random, long-tail keywords that they may not otherwise have actually believed to concentrate on.
  • You might discover that a few of the less obvious keywords really transform much better. By targeting a vast array of keywords, you can find a variety of concealed gems.
  • Targeting a broader range of keywords can help you broaden the demographics that you wish to target.

You might be shocked by just how much traction your blog site will manage concentrating on a great deal of keywords.

Utilize a strong internal linking technique

All of the blog sites that we evaluated here have done a great task with their internal linking strategy. They typically have at least a couple of links on each page. This is an excellent way to enhance SEO. However, it also enhances navigation and helps readers find the content they are trying to find.

Don’t underestimate the significance of a terrific logo

Creating terrific material is essential, but it is inadequate by itself. Every blog site needs an excellent logo design. Some business have spent countless dollars on their logos, so you do not wish to neglect it.

The blogs we examined all have exceptional logo designs and they are prominently featured. You wish to keep this in mind. You can constantly recycle the logo design elsewhere, such as with branded water bottles

Usage These Blogs as Your Guide!

It is a lot easier to develop an effective blog if you follow design templates from others that have been effective. The blogs on this list have become very effective, due to the fact that they have an exceptional design and a well-thought out material marketing technique. You should keep this in mind while establishing your own blog.

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