Leading 15 Canyoning Youtube Channels to Follow in 2019

Leading 15 Canyoning Youtube Channels

Canyoning Youtube Channels Canyoning Youtube Channels List.

The Very Best Canyoning Youtube Channels in our index utilizing search and social metrics. Register for these youtubers since they are actively working to educate, motivate, and empower their audience with regular updates and top quality videos.

These Youtube Channels are ranked based on following criteria

  • Overall youtube channels customers, video views, and video uploads
  • Quality and consistency of videos
  • Youtube search ranking
  • Feedspot editorial group’ objective and subjective evaluation

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1. Canyoningwolf


Canyoningwolf Germany About Youtuber Follow us to keep up with videos about Canyoning from Canyoningwolf.

Since Dec 2009

Channel youtube.com/user/Canyoningwo.+ Follow

Youtube Followers-742 Views Count- 636,758 Video Count – 987


2. Alvaro Canyoning


Alvaro Canyoning About Youtuber Alvaro Canyoning channel has to do with canyoning, follow us to understand more.

Considering That Apr 2013

Channel youtube.com/channel/UCN-h.+ Follow

Youtube Followers-15 Views Count- 2,225 Video Count – 33


3. tntdavide


tntdavide Italy About Youtuber The enthusiasm to resume moments of my life led me to create this channel!! Here you will discover Sports Experiences, follow us to understand more about canyoning.

Since Sep 2007

Channel youtube.com/user/tntdavide/v.+ Follow

Youtube Followers-61 Views Count- 49,357 Video Count – 108


4. 42 Adventures


42 Adventures Switzerland About Youtuber We are a group of adrenaline-loving individuals from Switzerland. We celebrate on this channel our greatest enthusiasm. Videos of Canyoning, Cliff-Jumping, Sky Diving, Snowboarding and everything else that provides us the thrills.

Because Aug 2012

Channel youtube.com/channel/UCmip.+ Follow

Youtube Followers-720 Views Count- 36,355 Video Count – 68


5. Bergwasser Canyoning & Rafting


Bergwasser Canyoning & Rafting Germany About Youtuber Thank you for your interest in our channel! Bergwasser Canyoning is a supplier of interesting canyoning and rafting trips in Bavaria, the Allgäu and around it.

Given That Oct 2013

Channel youtube.com/channel/UCLig.+ Follow

Youtube Followers-474 Views Count- 504,878 Video Count – 293


6. Bruno Silva|Canyoning Experiences


Bruno Silva | Canyoning Adventures About Youtuber Follow us to keep up with videos about Canyoning from Bruno Silva|Canyoning Adventures.

Considering That Dec 2011

Channel youtube.com/channel/UCHnD.+ Follow

Youtube Followers-140 Views Count- 12,043 Video Count – 70


7. Experience & Spirit|Bali Canyoning Group


Adventure & Spirit | Bali Canyoning Team Indonesia About Youtuber In Experience & Spirit, we are grateful for the chance to deal with what we love: canyoning and the outdoors. Since 2009, we are Bali’s Canyoning Group & Indonesia’s leaders in canyoning trips, expedition and training courses. We are based in magical Bali, the mythical Island of the Gods.

Considering That Oct 2010

Channel youtube.com/user/adventurean.+ Follow

Youtube Followers-117 Views Count- 76,917 Video Count – 54


8. Cyan Experiences


Cyan Adventures Moalboal, Central Visayas About Youtuber Follow us to stay up to date with videos about canyoning from Cyan Adventures.

Since Nov 2014

Channel youtube.com/channel/UCMYX.+ Follow

Youtube Followers-108 Views Count- 20,236 Video Count – 522


9. Canyoning Sud Est


Canyoning Sud Est About Youtuber Canyoning Annecy takes you this summertime to discover the canyoning in Savoie and the canyons of Haute Savoie. All of our canyoning instructors are self-employed, state-certified, mountain and water sports lovers. They will share their enthusiasm and their love for experience so that you have an excellent day.

Because Nov 2011

Channel youtube.com/user/CanyoningSu.+ Follow

Youtube Followers-98 Views Count- 180,601 Video Count – 44




JC CANYONING France About Youtuber This channel intends to make you discover watercourses (canyon, gorges) available to all through videos.

Since Apr 2016

Channel youtube.com/channel/UC43 N.+ Follow

Youtube Followers-84 Views Count- 29,657 Video Count – 36


11. purelements|Canyoning in Bayern & Schweiz


purelements | Canyoning in Bayern & Schweiz About Youtuber purelements channel is about canyoning follow us to understand more.

Given That Apr 2010

Channel youtube.com/user/Purelements.+ Follow

Youtube Followers-51 Views Count- 41,763 Video Count – 27


12. Canyoning and enjoyable


Canyoning and fun About Youtuber Canyoning and fun channel is about canyoning, follow us to know more.

Since Aug 2013

Channel youtube.com/channel/UC8Fi.+ Follow

Youtube Followers-16 Views Count- 2,883 Video Count – 37


13. canyoning erleben


canyoning erleben About Youtuber Canyoning means experience – to discover flexibility in deep gorges. Dive into a forgotten and undiscovered world. Nature offers us the experience of a special kind. Abseiling, sliding and leaping between inexpressible rock developments. We use canyoning trips in various areas for private bookers and for groups.

Considering That Nov 2016

Channel youtube.com/channel/UC8lO.+ Follow

Youtube Followers- 8. Views Count- 4,001 Video Count – 33


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