Video Marketing 2019: Mobile vs. Desktop Engagement Statistics and Factors

With the world quickly approaching the mobile market and with 4.78 billion users expected to use mobile almost exclusively by 2020, it has become much more crucial to ensure you are marketing to your mobile consumers.

When planning your video advertising campaign, it’s vital to keep your mobile audience in mind. Consider how you use your own mobile phones, where you are when you use them, and how you engage with your gadget while on the go.

MicroLearning is a new idea that has appeared over the previous couple of months due to the increased interest in using mobile phones. Web designers and online eCommerce company owner may take advantage of this recent interest in Micro Knowing.

MicroLearning is tied into “gamification,” which takes a “fun” technique to various activities that you can do online. This can be used to attract both your consumer base in addition to your workers. Technical understanding can be interacted through this method, and it increases the engagement level of your visitors.

The Value of Inspiration and Attention

Inspiration is something that has actually been studied for years by psychologists. Company owner and business marketing specialists also require to comprehend motivation due to the fact that it identifies what makes individuals desire to buy their products. Inspiration is difficult to grasp sometimes because you have to get inside the mind of the people who are visiting your pages. Because you never ever know who will come along, you can not expect to figure everybody out. All that matters is that you understand your target audience all right to produce motivational material that will influence them to act on your CTA (call-to-action).

When you have intriguing content, you are most likely to draw in customers who will get in touch with your brand name. This is how you include worth to your material through your material. If they view your material as interesting or important to them, they will be most likely to connect with your brand name and to stick around long enough to act.

This is where MicroLearning sets in. Creating small “micro” activities such as games and projects that users can do interest mobile users because they are already utilized to doing jobs like this on their cellphones and gadgets.

Other Benefits to MicroLearning on Mobile Devices

MicroLearning produces specific knowing because it is a personal experience for the user that they do alone. This can become a part of your client journey that you established for your target audience. There is instant feedback and the learner understands their own success, which puts them in a positive state of mind. This may likewise result in more sales because people make shopping choices primarily since of more emotive reactions.

Other Aspects of Mobile Engagement

MicroLearning is just one type of mobile engagement that you might use as an eCommerce owner. As the mobile audience continues to grow over the next few years, there will be more interest in establishing applications for mobile users as well as tools that mobile users will wish to utilize.

The more helpful you can become on your sites with product and services that conserve mobile users time or money, this can likewise end up being a big plus for your service.

Mobile Statistics for 2019

Let’s have a look at the mobile stats for engagement as compared to desktop statistics.

Stat # 1

Up to 70% of web traffic takes place on mobile gadgets, according to CIODive.

Stat # 2

As Much As 57% of all U.S. traffic online comes from smartphones and mobile tablet devices. (BrightEdge)

Stat # 3

Did you understand that about 60% of consumers now check their e-mail on their phones rather than sitting at a desktop? This is an essential modification since, in the past, individuals tended to sit at their desktops to examine e-mails. Around 75% of Americans state they now use their phones to inspect email rather of desktops.

Stat # 4

BrightEdge publication likewise reported in 2017 that over half of all U.S. customers reported utilizing their smart device gadgets to find brand-new brand names and product. This is likewise an intriguing statistic and reminds the eCommerce owner of how essential it is to make their brand existence appealing to mobile users and to keep the UX high within the mobile platform.

Desktop Statistics

With the Desktop slowly however certainly appearing like a dinosaur that may soon be a threatened species, there are still specific scenarios that require using a desktop. Video production software, large video gaming applications, and program that require a large quantity of speed and area will still need a desktop to run appropriately.

Additionally, workplace applications such as Powerpoint, though they can be performed on tablets or phones, will still find a place on the Desktop since of the greater degree of control that the user has in this platform.

As you can distinguish this infographic on Desktop user stats, Desktop are losing the war, but they did increase in 2018 back up to 42%. The current stats in 2019, nevertheless, expose another minor decline in favor of mobile.

To get a real feel for the trends relating to desktop v. mobile, you ought to read the whole report on mobile vs. desktop traffic for 2019, as reported by In their report, they likewise had the following findings.

  • In 2018, 58% of site check outs were from mobile phones.
  • Mobile gadgets made up 42% of total time spent online.
  • Mobile Bounce Rate was available in at 50%.

Will there ever come a day when Desktops are no more? Maybe. However like the turntable, the VHS recorder, or the Design T, no doubt there will still be some around.

Still, you have to market to the majority initially, so entrepreneur must remember the shift to mobile appears and is ending up being more obvious every day. Therefore, entrepreneur should concentrate on them as their primary audience when setting up any marketing or marketing plan.

In today’s world, with mobile quickly taking center phase as the primary ways of communicating, checking out social networks, and downloading videos, it is crucial to keep mobile users in mind at all times.

Google’s Video Algorithms

Another important reason to concentrate on mobile users is the reality that Google needs this, too, to rank. In their latest algorithm updates, they mentioned that mobile-friendliness and top quality content were the most crucial elements of a page.

Furthermore, it is essential to keep in mind that Google ranks pages with video as much higher than pages without video. Video is indexed independently, enabling people to discover the material from YouTube and other online search engine, along with Google.


It’s clear that mobile users are leading desktop users in the race for internet traffic That being said, there is still a need for desktops for specific workplace or creative applications that can not be done on mobile gadgets.

That being stated, the future looks brightest for mobile, so plan your web traffic and list building campaigns accordingly!

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