Leading 20 Iowa Youtube Channels To Follow in 2019


KCCI Des Moines, Iowa

About Youtuber KCCI NewsChannel 8 is the most-watched station in Central Iowa and the leader in local news and weather protection. Subscribe us for the newest breaking news, weather condition updates and more from Iowa’s News Leader.

Given That May 2007

Channel youtube.com/user/kccitv/videos+ Follow

Youtube Followers- 43,481 Views Count- 78,343,302 Video Count – 23,414


2. Travel Iowa

Travel Iowa Iowa

About Youtuber Travel Iowa channel features videos about Iowa’s destinations, events, neighborhoods and destinations.

Since Nov 2013

Channel youtube.com/user/traveliowa/.+ Follow

Youtube Followers-567 Views Count- 880,608 Video Count – 131


3. Iowa Public Television

Iowa Public Television Iowa

About Youtuber At Iowa Public Television, we are dedicated to supplying quality innovative media and services that inform, notify, enhance and motivate Iowans.

Given That Aug 2007

Channel youtube.com/user/IowaPublicT.+ Follow

Youtube Followers- 47,346 Views Count- 45,705,452 Video Count – 4,040


4. The Iowa Plainsman Outdoors

The Iowa Plainsman Outdoors Iowa

About Youtuber The Iowa Plainsman Outdoors is based out of Central Iowa and features waterfowl hunting, a variety of fishing, deer hunting and more. Follow along as I discover and grow more about my hunting and fishing craft.

Since Feb 2017

Channel youtube.com/channel/UCp51+ Follow

Youtube Followers- 1,266 Views Count- 182,666 Video Count – 81


5. City Channel 4 – Iowa City

City Channel 4 - Iowa City Iowa

About Youtuber City Channel 4 is the City of Iowa City’s government gain access to television station. We cover local federal government and company conferences, present events, and things to find out in and about the Iowa City area.

Given That Feb 2011

Channel youtube.com/user/citychannel.+ Follow

Youtube Followers-575 Views Count- 222,615 Video Count – 1,589


6. Cyclones.tv

Cyclones.tv Ames, Iowa

About Youtuber Cyclones.tv is the leading source for info on Iowa State Cyclone Athletics.

Considering That Feb 2008

Channel youtube.com/user/isuvideo/vi.+ Follow

Youtube Followers- 8,403 Views Count- 6,794,522 Video Count – 1,236


7. University of Iowa

University of Iowa Iowa City, IA

About Youtuber The University of Iowa is house to among the largest and most acclaimed medical centers in the country, along with the famous Iowa Writers’ Workshop.

Since Jul 2007

Channel youtube.com/user/universityo.+ Follow

Youtube Followers- 8,245 Views Count- 5,887,274 Video Count – 1,423


8. Iowa Active Ingredient

Iowa Ingredient Johnston, Iowa

About Youtuber Explore the farms, dining establishments, and active ingredients that make Iowa food uniquely Iowan. From apples to spinach to rhubarb and herbs, each episode includes a single Iowa active ingredient and treats viewers to a magnificent trip from the farm to the table. Explore where these delightful ingredients are grown in Iowa, discover more about some gifted chefs who use regional ingredients, and join Charity in the cooking area to appreciate some delicious recipes.

Considering That Mar 2017

Channel youtube.com/channel/UCIfv.+ Follow

Youtube Followers- 1,087 Views Count- 292,693 Video Count – 210


9. Iowa Outdoorsmen

Iowa Outdoorsmen Iowa

About Youtuber This channel is about outdoors in Iowa. We will make Fishing and Hunting videos also we will make tips and tricks and other fun videos uploaded daily.

Given That Sep 2016

Channel youtube.com/channel/UC6P7.+ Follow

Youtube Followers-569 Views Count- 8,680 Video Count – 65


10 Iowa Outdoors

Iowa Outdoors Iowa, USA

About Youtuber Iowa Outdoors is a series produced by Iowa Public Tv in partnership with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources that highlights outdoor entertainment, ecological issues, conservation initiatives, and Iowa’s outdoor natural resources.

Considering That May 2017

Channel youtube.com/channel/UC6uH.+ Follow

Youtube Followers-613 Views Count- 91,427 Video Count – 163


11 The Iowa State Bar Association

The Iowa State Bar Association Des Moines, Iowa

About Youtuber The Iowa State Bar Association is a lively, progressive organization that provides Iowa attorneys with the advantages of professional association with their coworkers. Its benefits include continuing legal education, practice help, interaction with the judiciary and legislature, involvement in reform of the law, and news concerning advancements impacting the profession.

Given That Oct 2010

Channel youtube.com/user/IowaStateBa.+ Follow

Youtube Followers-479 Views Count- 481,471 Video Count – 246


12 Iowa FFA Association

Iowa FFA Association Iowa

About Youtuber The National FFA Company is dedicated to making a favorable difference in the lives of trainees by establishing their potential for leading management, personal development and career success through farming education.

Given That Feb 2011

Channel youtube.com/user/IowaFFA/videos+ Follow

Youtube Followers-492 Views Count- 85,332 Video Count – 152


13 Iowa Land Business

Iowa Land Company Iowa

About Youtuber We’re a farmland property business and helping connect purchasers and sellers of Iowa land is our specialty. As a group of native Iowans, our boots only understand Iowa dirt. Whether you’re seeking to offer or buy Iowa land, we’re here to assist.

Since Feb 2017

Channel youtube.com/channel/UCk-d.+ Follow

Youtube Followers-464 Views Count- 422,582 Video Count – 54


14 Greetings From Iowa

Greetings From Iowa Johnston, IA

About Youtuber Greetings from Iowa is a postcard from America’s heartland – personal, direct stories of the vibrant individuals, places and experiences that make Iowa fantastic.

Considering That Jun 2016

Channel youtube.com/channel/UCSoP.+ Follow

Youtube Followers-374 Views Count- 59,760 Video Count – 88


15 Iowa Master Garden Enthusiast

Iowa Master Gardener Ames, IA

About Youtuber Iowa Master Garden enthusiast shares videos about horticulture, Master Gardener training, know-how with iowa communities. Their mission is to provide present, research-based, home gardening information and education to the residents of Iowa.

Since Feb 2014

Channel youtube.com/channel/UCoyB.+ Follow

Youtube Followers-263 Views Count- 8,799 Video Count – 25




About Youtuber This channel focuses on raising awareness of all regional live music in the state of Iowa.

Considering That Jul 2013

Channel youtube.com/channel/UCmX2.+ Follow

Youtube Followers-185 Views Count- 9,966 Video Count – 92


17 Iowa Press

Iowa Press Johnston, Iowa

About Youtuber Every week Iowa Press explores the issues affecting the lives of Iowans. Newsmakers, policy makers and chosen officials join capitol press reporters in a weekly conversation.

Since Sep 2017

Channel youtube.com/channel/UCC9F.+ Follow

Youtube Followers-148 Views Count- 24,815 Video Count – 222


18 Iowa Outdoor Productions

Iowa Outdoor Productions Iowa

About Youtuber Iowa Outdoor Productions has to do with bringing outdoorsmen and ladies together to inform others.

Since Mar 2014

Channel youtube.com/channel/UCauY.+ Follow

Youtube Followers-141 Views Count- 42,136 Video Count – 80


19 Absolutely No Casualties in Iowa

Zero Fatalities in Iowa Iowa

About Youtuber Zero Deaths is a united effort among various companies, organizations and worried citizens to save lives on Iowa’s roadways.

Since Apr 2014

Channel youtube.com/user/ZeroFatalit.+ Follow

Youtube Followers-86 Views Count- 366,194 Video Count – 28



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