Top 10 Vietnamese Knowing Youtube Channels To Follow in 2019

Top 10 Vietnamese Knowing Youtube Channels

Vietnamese Learning Youtube Channels Vietnamese Knowing Youtube Channels List.

The Best Vietnamese Knowing Youtube Channels in our index utilizing search and social metrics. Subscribe to these youtubers because they are actively working to educate, influence, and empower their audience with regular updates and top quality videos.

These Youtube Channels are ranked based on following requirements

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  • Quality and consistency of videos
  • Youtube search ranking
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Leading 10 Vietnamese Learning Youtubers

CONGRATULATIONS to every youtuber that has actually made this Leading Vietnamese Knowing Youtube Channels list! This is the most thorough list of best Vietnamese Learning Youtube Channels on the internet and I’m honoured to have you as part of this! I personally offer you a high-five and wish to thank you for your contribution to this world.

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Vietnamese Learning Youtube Channels

1. Learn Vietnamese with VietnamesePod101 com

Learn Vietnamese with About Youtuber VietnamesePod101 com is an online Vietnamese language finding out channel. With us you’ll learn to speak, read, write and hear Vietnamese. You’ll have fun finding out with listeners around the globe. Prepare to “wow” your buddies, household, instructor and associates with the Vietnamese you learn with us!

Given That Feb 2012

Channel Follow

Youtube Followers- 24,815 Views Count- 1,936,329 Video Count – 239


2. Find Out Vietnamese With Annie

Learn Vietnamese With Annie Vietnam

About Youtuber Chao! I am Annie. I have 2 years of experience in mentor Vietnamese for foreigners. I devote a great deal of my time to establishing materials for learning Vietnamese, such as online lessons and comics. Have a good time finding out Vietnamese!

Since Aug 2012

Channel Follow

Youtube Followers- 23,847 Views Count- 2,469,129 Video Count – 131


3. Tieng Viet Oi – Vietnamese Lessons

Tieng Viet Oi - Vietnamese Lessons About Youtuber Tieng Viet Oi – Vietnamese Lessons focuses on providing fun and practical Vietnamese lessons to anyone interested in discovering the language. The goal of our mentor group is to concentrate on spoken language, assistance foreigners sound as fluent and natural as possible, rather than strictly stick to grammar books. As a result, there are a lot of activities, games, sometimes trips in the lessons.

Considering That Apr 2014

Channel Follow

Youtube Followers- 14,200 Views Count- 1,096,317 Video Count – 123


4. Learn Vietnamese With SVFF

Learn Vietnamese With SVFF Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

About Youtuber Learning the Vietnamese language is a journey. Its not only about listening, reading, writing or speaking. It is about discovering the Vietnamese culture, the people in the most intriguing way. And here I am! We are passionate in assisting Vietnamese learners to be able to interact well in Vietnamese and comprehend individuals culture.

Because Mar 2015

Channel Follow

Youtube Followers- 8,188 Views Count- 860,313 Video Count – 112


5. SimPLy EK

SimPLy EK About Youtuber SimPLy EK channel by Trang Nguyen includes videos about Vietnamese lessons and other random videos.

Considering That Jul 2011

Channel Follow

Youtube Followers- 3,124 Views Count- 494,464 Video Count – 48


6. VLS Vietnamese Language Research Studies

VLS Vietnamese Language Studies Vietnam

About Youtuber Vietnamese Language Studies is a leading expert institution concentrating on mentor Vietnamese language and culture to worldwide students. We are proud to add to a greater understanding and cooperation in between Vietnamese individuals and individuals from all over the world through a profession that we love.

Since Nov 2013

Channel Follow

Youtube Followers-274 Views Count- 36,434 Video Count – 148



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